Apr 17 15 7:37 AM

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This manufacture make's it's home in England. 

Although a small line in their variety of products, I like these 28mm 100 Years War figures ... http://www.eaglefigures.co.uk/wordpresstrial/?page_id=12&slug=index&cPath=63

And for those into Seven Years War there are these ... http://www.eaglefigures.co.uk/wordpresstrial/?page_id=12&slug=index&cPath=15

I picked up six Prussian Hussar Troopers, and six each of P3A and P3B (Grenadiers Firing and Kneeling Firing) from ebay alittle ways back, and I like these figures.  The infantry could probably be used for Prussians during the AWI as well.  I'll probably be using the Hussars for Imagi-Nations at some point.

Currently Eagle stocks 15mm FPW, a large line of 28mm Napoleonics, and some 28mm ECW and ACW figures, too.