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Jan 24 13 5:55 PM

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I wanted to share with my few but devoted readers that I am hard at work on the rules for Le Morte.  I am in everyway I can making them DoB friendly so the learning curve will be next to nothing.  terminology, unit types etc are all the same.

The rules will be stand alone so players will not need to own DoB.  It will also be compatable with all of the DoB Domains and with a simple modification done in your head you can use the Domains as changed.

Basicaly you convert units into figures.  An open order unit equals 2 figures, loose order equals 3 figures and close order foot equals 4 fuigures, close order mounted equals 3.  So let's say you had a 6 unit force raised and the breakdown was 1/3 foot, 1/3 mounted and 1/3 missile.

Your force would have 6 missile figures, 6 mounted figures and 8 infantry figures.  The Domain itself will provide the particular information needed to flesh out the figure types.

Units are may be 2 to 8 figures in strength and in most cases must be of the same type.  Only close order spears and pikes can fight 2 figures deep so most units will be spread out.

In the above example you could have one unit of six crosbows, 2 units of 3 crossbows or 3 units of 2 crossbows.

This game uses d6 as does DoB.  While shooting and melee are similar in mechanics the results are quite different.

For every strike that a unit takes a victim roll is made against it.  This roll determines the actual figure that has been struck.  Then a playing card is drawn for every strike on a figure.  The chart uses the figures armor class and cover benefits to determine if he escapes being hurt, is wounded or killed.

This is a very simple chart to use and does away with all the halving modifiers.

Well back to my keyboard.

Thank you for reading.


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Jan 26 13 6:59 AM

This sounds good!

There might be something to be said for having this game from the following perspective as well ...

If a player is just starting out with his forces, particularly if they are 40mm, maybe even 54mm, then the player can paint what he's started with, use these rules as more are being painted, and then a step up to the full rules can occur with the increase in figures.  The figures could be mounted on the circular bases for the skirmish game, La Morte d'Arthur, but then also used on base structures that allow for placing the figures into circular spots on the base for the larger scale rules, Day of Battle.  And magnetizing it could be a beautiful thing!

Meanwhile the skirmish rules being similar to the full set, provides a transition between the two.

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Apr 10 13 12:03 PM

Nearly Ready
Hey all you quiet knights out there.  I have a 30 page working copy of Le Morte.  I am looking for readers.  if you'd like a pdf copy drop a PM. I have a ttaached a copy here that may work as well.

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Apr 11 13 12:24 PM

Looking forward to giving this a try.  The draft rules have been downloaded, and I'll print them off for a proper reading.

Probably not until after Huzzah 2013!, yet not only will I read them, but likely give them a playtest with my WotRs figures.  Those figures are not on round bases, but on 20mm square instead, but that will likely be ok anyway.  Besides, this might even get me back to painting them, as well as using them, maybe even with my nephews.

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