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Dec 7 14 7:55 AM

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Curtey's Miniatures seems to have some decent figures for use during the medieval period, and a few others as well.

Here is their website ...

When first experiencing Chris Parker's Day of Battle rules, I've had an interest in making some figures for a 12th or 13th century Italian Communal army.  Somewhere along the way, I came across Curtey's Miniatures and their line of Western European medieval figures.

Below is a link to the new heads that are being offered for this line of figures ...

And here is a link to the main page for these same figures ...

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Mar 22 15 4:45 AM

Yes, I still haven't ordered from them yet, but hopefully some day. At the moment there are too many other projects that I'm working on, and resisting the urge to order more figures currently ... lol.

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Mar 28 15 5:29 AM

I saw these new crossbowmen over on Curtey's Miniatures website ...

There are alot of projects on my plate currently, but at some point I really want to do a 25/28mm Italian Communal army for Day of Battle, and use some of Curtey's Western European Medievals to do it.

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