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Mar 21 15 5:55 AM

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This guy’s style in painting 40mm AWI British figures is probably more than what some might attempt, particularly if they are a beginner painter.  However, there are some ideas here that I felt worth learning from, and so decided to share some links to this guy’s posts on his log.

Here’s the flesh which is perhaps more than what most folks will do … 

The red coat and again I’m sensing it doesn’t need to be as many coats to get a decent look … 

Breeches, waistcoat, belts, footwear, tri-corne, facings, and collar … I particularly like how he starts with a grey for the black first, and then highlights with two shades of black … 

Here’s the completed figure, you’ll need to click on the picture to see it more up close …

Unfortunately he didn't provide a post showing how he painted the musket.

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