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Dec 4 12 4:51 AM

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Day of Battle Games carries Trident and Vanguard 40mm figures!

In 2013, Day of Battle Games began selling both the Trident and Vanguard 40mm lines.  At that time all of Eric Jones' (dba Hotspur Historical Miniatures) inventory was purchased, and Day of Battle Games sells these 40mm figure lines for Medievals, AWI, and ACW.  As of this post, Scots have been added, as well as AWI French.

A tip of the hat to Eric for all the fine work he has done so far on his business and for the amazing amount of support he has provided to our hobby in Maine and across New England.

I plan on being at as many conventions as possible and that make sense to fly the flag.  So far I'm a regular booth occupant at Cold Wars, Havoc, Huzzah and Fall In. I hope to make more New England regional shows as I discover their time dates and times.


Chris Parker

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May 9 14 12:21 AM

Just saw that as of now Vanguard carries 97 different medieval figures, 179 ACW figures, and get this ... 1,164 different AWI figures!

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May 20 14 8:55 AM

Yep, looking forward to seeing what those look like as well.

And was just looking closer at the long line of figures that Trident carries for both the AWI and the ACW, and I'm really quite flipped to see so many cool figures for these lines. I'm currently thinking of ordering a handful or two of the Loyalist Troops with round hats to paint them up as the New Jersey Volunteers that operated in both the mid-atlantic colonies and then later on in the southern states.

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Mar 21 15 3:18 PM

Looks like the Vanguard line of 40mm medieval figures has had alot of new additions to it recently.

I'm really liking all the new knights, welsh, and men-at-arms on horseback, very good looking!

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