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Jan 20 13 8:05 AM

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I was wondering if anybody alse keeps a log of their painting over the years?  I started one last year and painted around 178 peices if I recall.  For january I've allready painted 1/3rd of my entire 2012 output.  it is a lot of fun and adds a little competition to my paining speed.  Now I need to say that I'm only a fair painter.  I rat my skill at maybe a 5.5.  No comments needed but I like to do washes on my troops vs. full strength paint so I get a weathered look and then i add white dry brushed to the figures and army painter medium.  I mention this to show that I can paint relativly fast this.  Others of you probably require a lot more time to due to what appears to be a lot more detail.

So share your thoughts on a painting log?


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Aug 19 13 4:55 AM

Its already August of 2013!My painting for the year hasn't been non-existent, yet I havent' finished many projects. Completed a 40mm Medieval that Greenknight provided a ways back, but beyond that, nothing else has been completed. Close to finishing 4 ACW 3 inch Ordinance cannons and 2 Confederate Napoleons, all needing some minor detail work.Beyond that got lots of different items started and mostly 25mm/28mm ... and Assyrian Infantry Cart (called a kalopani that includes a driver, 5 archers, 2 horses and a cart), 5 gladiators, 20 Union Iron Brigade, 14 Union Dismounted Cav, 20 ACW artillerymen, 4 futuristic marines, and a Medieval knight on horse with retainer/banner bearer on horse. Also got 10 20mm WW2 German Mountain Troops started as well.This past weekend I worked on 10 Orks with shootas, and a Nob to go with them. And finally started in again on last summer's project, 36 WotRs infantry.

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Aug 20 13 5:48 AM

Ah the problem with multiple periods and mulitple scales.  For me I finally started painting again in July.  I have a new method now.  I have a large cookie tray that I use to store my figures on.  I sit down in a big easy chair with a pillow behind me and have 8 or 9 bottles of paints with me and my brushes and I sit there and paint while we watch TV.  It is amazing with proper pre painting prep I can do 8 x 40mm a night.  I can sit there and paint for 3 hours at a time and as most TV doesn't need to be watched every second it is great.  Plus it keeps me in the same room as my sig other who likes that as well.

So as for August 10th I've beaten last years painting.  Around 140 x 40mm peices.

Also I am only doing one scale and one period right now.  I have nearly finished my AWI and have pushed into 40mm SYW now.  I can use most of my Brits and Germans from my AWI as troops and can concentrate on heavier cavalry and the enemy (French and Austrians).


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Oct 12 13 1:21 PM

Been really unfocused in my painting this year.  Its already October and my lack of completed projects stays close to the same.

And I started a new project ... lol ... working on 10 28mm Polish Winged Hussars for the new "By Fire and Sword" rules recently released.  These figures are by Warlord Games, from their Pike & Shot line.  They are metal, and needed quite a bit of flash triming, yet they've now been base coated and I've begun to paint the horses.

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Apr 30 14 6:54 PM

Well it's now April 30th, 2014 ... lol.

One of my main goals for this year is to do more painting, but I'm not off to a very good start. Have done some on those 8 28mm Polish Winged Hussars, and even more progress on 36 30YW infantry figures, too. Hopefully the infantry will be complete before Huzzah! 2014. The next item up after the convention is still being determined. I'd really like to return to doing soe more on my 25/28mm ACW and my 28mm WotR, but we'll see what happens.

I have four 40mm crossbowmen that I bought last year from Day of Battle, and perhaps I'll even do those!

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May 1 14 11:31 AM

Well as many of you know I broke my painting arm in  December of 2014.  Now i feel ready to start painting in fact I have been doing some rebasing of troops and have easily done the bases.  Over this weekend I will invetory out my games and start painting what I need to finish of my troops for Huzzah.  Mostly 40mm 7YW French I think.


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May 14 14 4:08 AM

In giving a little consideration to post-Huzzah! 2014 painting projects, I took a look at my 36 WotRs figures this morning, and they're further along then I recalled.  These might eb a good project to complete, and sooner rather than later.

Got 2 sets of 6 men-at-arms (representing Warwick and Clifford), 1 set of 6 archers with Clifford livery, 1 set of 6 billmen for Warwick, 1 set of 6 Welsh or local levy archers, and 1 set of 6 Welsh or local levy billmen.  Also have another commander type, a banner bearer, and an armored/retinue archer.  These are all 28mm Perry WotRs plastics, and I have a couple of boxes of their 28mm European Mercenaries that need some more work as well.

Also, dug out the four 40mm medieval crossbows that I picked up from Day of Battle last year. : )

Not sure any of these will be my initial focus, but they'll certainly be in the top 5 of my list to do.

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May 20 14 9:02 AM

Ok, with Huzzah! 2014 behind us, I'm now beginning to narrow down what my top 5 painting projects will be.  So far they are as follows ...

1.  4 Crossbowmen & 4 Archers, 40mm
2.  Finish 36 Wars of the Roses, Perry 28mm
3.  Continue progress on 28mm ACW
4.  (to be determined)
5.  (to be determined)

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May 26 14 7:21 AM

Affixed the 40mm medieval archers & crossbows, and ACW Union commander to painting slats.  However, doing some more painting on some 30YW 28mm this weekend.

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Jun 9 14 12:41 PM

Gave those crossbowmen a black wash, intending to duplicate the look of their armor to be similar to what the guy on the front of the main rule book is wearing underneath his plate. I was surprised that it almost came out as intended, although I'll be giving it at least a couple of other grey'sto lighten it up a bit, and then follow with a light black wash to finish up the look. Also started doing their faces and hands.

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Jun 10 14 7:50 AM

Been considering what paint scheme I'm going to use on the crossbows, and likely going to go with a green & a silver/light grey/white look.  From what I can tell, these are the colors of my ancestors from back in England.  Also found a reference to Norman ancestory, possibly traced back to Angouleme (then known as Angoumois) in France, and that location used a red and yellow checked pattern (apparently amoung others according to Jacques Meurgey), so we'll see what that might perhaps bring to my imagination for some shield designs at some point.

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Jun 24 14 6:57 AM

Light grey, almost white, leggings and green tunics have been provided to the crossbowmen.  Paint on equipment will be worked on this weekend, and hoping to have them finished.

Did some re positioning of heads on some of the eleven 40mm AWI that I purchased last Friday, and then base coated them.  Going to see how fast I can start with those and get them completed by the end of July.

Oh, and cleaned up and basecoated two 28mm elephants and their eight riders as well.

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Mar 21 15 7:29 AM

Long time no post ... lol.

I had continued work on the 4 crossmen last year. These are actually Vanguard 40mm, not Trident as previously posted, which are also available through Day of Battle Games. The four figures are the 3 Retainer miniatures M4, M5, & M6, along with a man-at-arms figure that I'll be using as a leader, which I believe is KC-5. Boots and belts have been painted, as well as quivers, crossbows, helmets, and the chainmail for the leader. There is more to do for completing these, and I will. : )

I've also been working on and off painting the 36 Perry 28mm WotR figures, too.  Recently purchased another box for adding to these eventually.

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