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Apr 29 14 5:21 AM

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Huzzah! - May 16-18 - 2014

Location: Portland ME

Games Being Run by Day of Battle Games ...

Saturday, 9:00am - Saving Maid Marion, Saga, 40mm, Robin Hood attempts to save Maid Marion from the evil sheriff

Saturday, 2:00pm - The Battle of Crecy, Day of Battle, Medieval Age, 25mm

Saturday, 7:00pm - On to Berlin, Battle Cry, Seven Years War - 40mm

Sunday, 9:00am - The Lost Valley, Saga, 40mm, 100 Years War

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#2 [url]

May 15 14 6:05 PM

Yes it is going to be a fun game. The new Slingshot magazine just arrived (Society if Ancients) and it has an article on an alternative take on the documents describing the Englesh setup.

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